TOEFL iBT Speaking: 効果的にトピックを展開していく方法


スピーキング問題 1,2とライティング問題 2で効果的にトピックを展開していく方法はいくつかある。


まず、もっとも有効なのは例を中心に話すこと。自分の主張-> 理由 -> 例と話を展開していく。


「I really love dogs better than cats. I believe that dogs are generally more friendly than cats. I had a dog when I was an elementary student. My parents suddenly brought him home one day. At the first time, I was very scared of him because I have never touched any dogs before. However, I became really good friend with him very soon. That was because he was really friendly. When it is around his dinner time, he always come around me and ask me for his food. …..」というように展開していく。

次に、対比を中心に話すこと自分の主張 -> 一つ目の選択の良し悪し、二つ目の選択の良し悪しである。自分の主張では一方の選択を支持して、支持する選択の長所と、支持しない選択の短所を説明する方法がある。また、両方の選択を支持していて、それぞれの選択肢の長所と短所を述べる方法もある。


「I would really like to read news from internet contents rather than read newspapers or watch TV programs. Firstly, I do not like reading newspapers because newspapers are written too much in a formal way. Also, each article in newspapers is too long for me. I do not like TV programs as well. TV programs are usually very showy in order to catch viewer’s attentions. And news reports on TV programs are often fragmentary. News on the internet arrives fast, and informative. …….  」というように展開する。対比しやすいトピックは分かりやすく、説明も簡単に作れる。

最後に、説明を中心に話すこと自分の主張 -> 理由 -> 説明と話を展開していく。


「I would usually like to live in an area which has the same climate throughout the year than live in an area which has four seasons. That is because I can live more cheaply and easily. If there are four seasons in my living area, I need to prepare for each season. That is really bothersome and costly. For example, I always buy 4 or 5 T-shirts during summer because I often become sweat. I also need 2 pairs of jacket for winter clothes. On the other hand, I don’t need to do this kind of preparation if the climate is always the same. It makes my life much easier. … 」というように展開していく。しかし、何かを急に説明することはなかなか難しいので、自信のある問題以外は例展開か対比展開に頼るほうが良い。