What is awesome about Poland? : 6 reasons



Polska jest bardzo spoko! (Poland is very cool!)

I am currently living in Poland for more than 1 year since I came in the beginning of 2013. I have been to Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Torun, Olsztyn, and Opole. What features keep me staying in Poland? In one sentence, I say old towns, city center, nature  and people are well harmonized in Poland.

Seashore in the old town of Gdask

1. Excellent balance between old towns, city development, and nature.

Poland is in well harmony with old towns, city development, and nature. You can enjoy the beautiful old towns, the convenience of city development, and the magnificence of nature at the same time in Poland. I believe city centers in Poland is not too developed like Japan and the US, or not too under developed like Ukraine. Old towns are well preserved or reestablished, producing calm and homey atmosphere. Nature in Poland is not ruined at all but easily accessible by transportation.

Old Town

You can enjoy red brick architectures in North Poland (i.e. Gdansk, Torun).

The landscape of the old town, Gdansk.
Gdansk Station
St. Mary Church

You can enjoy white architectures in South Poland (i.e. Krakow).

Main Square in Krakow
Main Square in Krakow
Theater in Krakow
St. Andrew’s Church, Krakow


Watch the below video.

List of national parks of Poland

City Development

You can access most of modern civil facilities such as supermarkets, shopping malls, bars, amusement areas, convenience stores and so on.

Shopping Malls
– Galeria
– Alfa Centrum

– Carrefour
– Biedronka

Convenience Stores
– Zabka

Pharmacy Stores
– Rossmann

2. Reasonable price level of living.

In my experience, Poland is 3 times cheaper than Japan and Canada.
Your real income will be triple if you maintain your job but spend it in Poland. 
I needed 1200 US dollars monthly at least to live in Osaka or Vancouver.
(600 US dollar for housing and 600 US dollars for the rest)
I only needs 400 US dollars monthly to live in Gdansk, Poland
(200 US dollar for housing and 200 US dollars for the rest)

Screenshot 2014-06-11 11.38.53
Cost of Living Comparison Between Gdansk and Osaka

3. Polish people are nice.

Most people in Poland are nice.
They are in well harmony with intelligence, sociability, helpfulness, and beauty.


Education Achievement in Poland is quite good. (See here)
Many Polish people study in university level.

First on education. New results from the OECD’s triennial Pisa ranking of academic performance of 15-year-olds show Poland making some of the largest leaps up the ranking tables of any of the 65 countries surveyed. Polish teens came in 14th overall in mathematics, 10th in reading and interpreting and ninth in science, placing near the top of all EU countries and significantly above results in neighbouring CEE countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


Most Polish people are truly sociable (compared to shy people in more developed countries.)
They are used to talk with friends and parents and many have good communication skills.
I always make new friends when I drop in events, bars, and so on.


When I was lost in Gdansk, Olsztyn, Krakow, some Polish people offered me help very willingly.


You are able to meet a lot of Slavic beauties in Poland
Many Polish people are still skinny (Not Americanized yet by Macdonald and KFC ).
Emily Ratajkowski is a good example of Polish beauty (but she is a British model).

My friends
My friends
My friends (2)

But I am a little worried that they may become the victim of American disaster in the future.

4. Polish People can speak English.

Many Polish people can speak English. Young and city people are especially good.
The average TOEFL iBT score by Polish people are 90. (R22, L23, S23, W22). (see here)
There are more complicated pronunciations in Polish, so Polish people have no difficulties in speaking English clearly.
I am staying in Poland for more than 1 year but never had a big trouble in communication (compared to Ukraine, for example).

Average score of TOEFL iBT
Average score of TOEFL iBT

5. Poland is safe.

Crime victim rate in Poland is one of the lowest among EU countries. (See here)
I have never seen any terrible crimes around me. I am rather scared of visitors from the US or Spain than Polish people.

Overall, crime continues to drop in Poland, with continuing significant decreases since 2000. During recent meetings with police contacts in Warsaw districts, Embassy Warsaw’s Regional Security Office (RSO) learned that violent crime was down in the city during 2012, and Warsaw continues to experience one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country. Nevertheless, street crime continues to be a concern, most notably in urban areas and those frequented by tourists.

6. Convenient location and transportation to other countries.

Poland bordered Germany on the west, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania on the east, Czech and Slovakia on the south,  Sweden on the north.

Transportation in Poland is convenient and cheap.


map of middle europe
Example: Krakow, Budapest, Prague are close to each other.