Japanese idols: What do you think?



The recent trend of popular girls among Japanese guys is infant-looking, petite, and cute. Many Japanese guys spend a couple of thousand dollars for goods and services of/from them. I think many Japanese guys are getting pedophile. Let me introduce several examples of Japanese idols.

What is Japanese idol?

Shortly, idol is a Japanese young person whose appearance is considered to be attractive and adored by many people.

In Japanese pop culture, idol (アイドル aidoru?, a Japanese rendering (wasei-eigo) of the English word “idol”) is manufactured young star/starlet who is promoted as being particularly attractive or cute. Idols are intended to be role models everyone adores. They must have a perfect public image and be good examples to young people. Idols aim to play a wide range of roles as media personalities (tarento), e.g.pop singers, panelists of variety programs, bit-part actors, models for magazines and advertisements, etc. -Wikipedia

Screenshot 2014-06-15 20.29.46

Ex1) A millennium idol

Hashimoto Kanna is called “one in a millennium” and “too much angle-looking”. She is still 15 year old and as small as 150 cm. It is surprising to me that many Japanese guys like her as woman already. Screenshot 2014-06-15 20.20.13 29cfa2417d6c3970240bc9528d1baf74_777 Her name has 7,830,000 results on Google. Screenshot 2014-06-15 20.52.25

Ex2) No.1 among AKB 48 in 2013.

Rino Sashihara got No.1 popularity in 2013 among AKB 48 which is currently the most popular idol group. She is as tall as 159 cm. Many guys spent a couple of thousand dollars for her to make her win the AKB 48 competition. Her name hits 7,580,000 results. Screenshot 2014-06-15 21.00.50 Screenshot 2014-06-15 21.09.25

Ex3) One of the most Popular idol groups

Momoiro Clover Z 

All of them look like little kids for me.

Screenshot 2014-06-15 21.26.21