UBC 交換留学 2010年04月 報告書 (英語)



1 Classes

Econ307 Honors Intermediate Macroeconomics Prof. Giovanni Gallipoli

We studied Keynesian Economics and a short history of Economics. We are tasked to write an essay, relating to the class.

Econ326 Methods of Empirical Research in Economics Prof. Kasahara

We studied consistency for econometrics. Final exam was much easier than Midterm exam.

Econ407 Topics in MacroeconomicsProf. Newman

We discussed the growth theory. We read the papers about the process of industrialization and R&D. The exam was tricky and hard but good questions.

Econ456 International Macroeconomics and Finance Prof. Hnatokovska

We talked about the fixed and floating exchange systems. We learned how closely correlated the budget and monetary and exchange policies are. Final exam was very good questions! I really like her class.

2 What I learned beyond class?

I am proud to have learned many academic skills, known as hard skills, through this whole year. But I am more proud that I could improve my personality, known as soft skills. I feel I became more communicative, friendly and confident in myself. I found I should be happier to brush up my soft skills because to build nice relationships is the most precious value in my life.

3 life

We have to leave the dormitory till May 2nd.



1 数日前に家に持って帰り、なお且つすぐに使わないものから片付ける。(教科書やノート、服、お土産など)

2 帰国1日前に持って帰り日常的に使うものを片付ける。(机の周りのものや洗濯物など)

3 日本で手に入る大体のモノは捨てていき、帰国後に買うものをメモする。【ジャケット、ズボン、タオル、化粧品など】

4 当日にコピーマシンやベッドシーツなど直前まで使っていたものを捨てる。






4 Event

TGAS – The Great Arts Send Off  10th

There was arts graduation party at the hotel in downtown. There were so many arts students and professors.

End of workshop in International House 14th

There was a farewell party for exchange students

5 Finance

Ordinary Expenditures       $                       

Meals                             98

Foods                             44

Restaurant                         88

Hair cut                           22

Groceries                          31

Laundry                           11

Souvenirs                         110

Changing flight back day             110

Miscellaneous                      131

Extraordinary Expenditure

Delivering packages                 355

Travel Ticket                       300

Total 1300


Exchange rate revenue ( because Canada$ appreciated) 455

Total9+10+11+12+1+2+3+4=$12074 Total Budget$11,129+445=11574 Balance$11.574-12.074=



6 Others

Popularity of fund raisings and volunteers

Fund raisings and volunteers are very popular. For example, some people are doing car wash, holding athletic events, giving T-shirts and so on. I understood how familiar these activities are in Canada compared to Japan.

Farewell party for me

My dorm friends held farewell party for me from my dorm friends in Indian restaurant. I was sincerely glad to receive a message T-shirt. I wish I would stay much longer and attend one more semester.

7 Pictures


Farewell party
Vancouver City
67 68

Vancouver is still bright even after 7 pm.

The picture is taken at around 7:30PM.

Sunset is around 9PM.

The picture of graduates of Economics is hang

on the wall of the department. I think this is a very

good idea.